Blemish Buster

Repechage Hydra Medic Facial


This premier facial will exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Plus, we use a toner, and specialized mask and serum to fight blemishes. This will not dry out your skin but rather leave you with a clean, fresh and hydrated skin. 

Price starts at $75

Back Facial

We've got your back. Back facial at Lee's Studio in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

At Lee's Studio, WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK.

No, really, we do!

Acne and blemishes are not exclusive to the face. Especially during the summertime, acne on your back can make you want to cover up and feel embarrassed. Don't you worry. We'll get your back beach ready.  We cleanse your pores,  exfoliate your skin and apply a mask. Plus, do extractions when needed. 

Price starts at $125

Blue Light Therapy

Fight acne with our premier blue-light therapy at Lee's Studio in Parkersburg, West Virginia .

Blue light therapy is a non-invasive treatment for acne that uses light to kill certain bacteria on the skin.

Blue light therapy may offer some benefits over alternative acne treatments, as it is considered:

  • safe and gentle
  • painless
  • drug-free
  • appropriate for all areas of the body
  • suitable for use with most other acne therapies

Unlike photodynamic therapy, there is no requirement to avoid the sun following treatment. Blue light therapy does not cause any scarring. Usually several treatments are needed to see optimal results. 

Prices vary. Packages available. Inquire within.

Teen Facials

acne treatment at Lee's Spa in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Let us clean up your skin with this cleansing facial to combat oily and problematic skin. Skin is also exfoliated with extractions . If you have a lot of blemishes, more time would be needed to do extractions.

 Price starts at $50.